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There is a large variety of activities to choose from, both in and around Gibraltar. Your DMC will be happy to advise and tailor make your activity based on the nature, size and age of your group.


Activities for incentive ideas include:




  • Monkey Talk, Macaque Familiarisation Tours - sit down with a local expert and learn about these famous primates.
  • The Mediterranean Steps & Gibraltar Nature Trails on the Upper Rock, Nature Reserve – take a hike through nature, see the fauna and flora and prepare to be overwhelmed by the views.
  • Alameda Botanical Garden Walks and Animal Wildlife Conservation Park – take a guided walk through Gibraltar’s Botanic Gardens, a peaceful oasis and learn not only about Gibraltar’s diverse plant life, but also about the ongoing animal conservation projects taking place within the environs of this beautiful setting. 
  • Lower St Michael’s Cave Tour – a daring caving tour into the depths of the Rock, a visit for the fit and adventurous.
  • Gibraltar Nature Reserve, Upper Rock Tour – visit the Upper Rock attractions and learn about Gibraltar on a guided bus tour. 


  • Concert and / or gala dinner at St Michael’s Cave – The largest cave in Gibraltar, prepared as an emergency hospital during WWII. Nowadays it is open to visitors and makes a unique auditorium for events of all genres.
  • King’s Bastion – A leisure centre, built into the old city walls, a fusion of history, heritage and leisure, offering an array of social activities such as ice Skating, bowling and a cinema complex.
  • Exclusive Luxury Yacht Experience – Enjoy the best of the Bay of Gibraltar in absolute comfort and style with food and drinks included.


  • Gibraltar National Museum – Built over ancient Moorish Baths, the museum is an excellent venue to learn about Gibraltar’s rich military and natural history, including the story of the work involved in achieving a UNESCO World Heritage title for the Rock’s Neanderthal past.
  • Garrison Library tours – a handsome building, which houses a remarkable collection of works on Gibraltar.
  • Places of Worship tours – Gibraltar being home to diversity, is an excellent destination to learn about different religious backgrounds.
  • WWII Tunnel Tours – visit a network of tunnels hewn out of the Rock during WWII and learn about Gibraltar’s huge contribution to the war effort.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gorham’s Cave Complex, Viewing Platform and Boat Trip to see the impressive Neanderthal Caves close up.

Food & Drink

  • Cook Gibraltarian dishes – Learn how to cook a typical dish with a local expert chef and take your team building to another level.
  • Tour of Gibraltar’s pubs – Visit a wide range of pubs, from those steeped in history to the uber-modern in the newer districts.
  • Moroccan themed dinner – Dine in Moroccan style for a themed meal and musical experience.
  • Gin Distillery - Gin tasting tours and distillery in a historic building in the heart of the old town centre.


Sea Based

  • SUP – Stand Up Paddle Boarding, an excellent team-building activity in a stunning sheltered bay, with the spectacular Rock dominating the landscape. 
  • Dolphin Watching - An enjoyable way of seeing these fascinating resident mammals up close whilst taking in the view of the surrounding continents.
  • Sailing Trip in the Bay and Strait of Gibraltar - There are numerous sailing schools based locally which can offer everything from informal team fun charters to fully qualified, fast-track courses.
  • Diving - Gibraltar boasts a spectacular marine biodiversity, with easy access from shore or boat to natural reefs and over 35 wrecks, which have been part of Gibraltar’s artificial reef project since the 1980s.


Thanks to Gibraltar’s strategic location, you will also be able to take day trips to surrounding area including two countries and another continent.

Your chosen DMC will be able to provide you with sample incentive programmes to match your stay and requirements




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