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Hotels with Conference Facilities


Venue NameStar RatingLocationBedroomsMax Conferencing
Caleta Hotel4 *Catalan Bay64200
Holiday Inn Express3*Devils Tower Road12050
The Rock Hotel4*Europa Road94300
Sunborn Hotel5*Ocean Village Marina189360/600*
The Eliott Hotel4*City Centre130-
Bristol Hotel3*City Centre60-




Venue Name Type of Venue Location Max Conferencing
Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, The Alameda  Open Air Venue Off City Centre 450 theatre style
Casemates Square Open air venue / main town square City Centre Contact Gibraltar Tourist Board
Central Hall Venue South District 330
St Michael’s Cave Venue / natural cave Upper Rock 600 theatre style seated dining 120 / 150
Mons Calpe Suite Venue / Cable Car top station Upper Rock 90 seated 120-140 standing
Gustavo Bacarisas Galleries Venue / art gallery City Centre 300 standing
King's Bastion Leisure Centre Venue / Leisure centre with bowling, ice skating, meetings, events areas and cinema complex City Centre / within the old city walls Various facilities, enquire directly
Moorish Castle Venue / Historic castle tower, top terrace and lower front courtyard Upper Rock 60 standing, including staff
The Wessex Lounge Venue Gibraltar International Airport 50-80 theatre style, Boardroom 14 - 28 
John Mackintosh Hall Venue / Cultural centre with various rooms City Centre

408 theatre style, various meeting rooms, enquire directly

John Mackintosh Square Open air venue / second town square City Centre Contact Gibraltar Tourist Board
Ince’s Hall Theatre Venue / Theatre City Centre 302 theatre style
Leisure Cinemas Venue / Cinemas / Theatres City Centre 136 and 99 theatre style
University of Gibraltar Venue Europa Point 300 theatre style
Gibraltar Exhibition of Modern Art Venue / art gallery City Centre 60 standing
Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery Venue / art gallery City Centre 120 standing
Hall of Fame Venue / Restaurant City Centre  120 seated
Bistro Point Venue / Restaurant Europa Point 80-100 seated, 250 standing