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Follow in the footsteps of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Sir Sean Connery - get married on the Rock. Marriages and civil partnerships in Gibraltar are easy and visitors can choose from a variety of locations for the ceremony.

Today, hundreds of couples travel to Gibraltar to exchange vows. As Gibraltar is a popular location for weddings and civil partnerships, it is wise to plan well in advance. Local laws do not contain any residential requirements and therefore it is a simple procedure and only requires a one night stay in Gibraltar.

Recent legislation permits the Registrar to marry couples outside the Registry Office, if requested. There are many venues approved to carry out civil weddings and partnerships.

Enquiries, bookings and further information may be addressed to the Civil Status and Registration Office or to a recognised travel agent or wedding planner. It is advisable to book a wedding or civil partnership well in advance of the chosen date to avoid disappointment.

The Registry of Marriages and Civil Partnerships Civil Status and Registration Office

Sir Joshua Hassan House
Secretary’s Lane
Tel: (+350) 200 72289
Email: or

For more information click in the button below to visit the Civil Status & Registration Office website.


Civil Partnership

The Civil Partnership Act recognizes civil partnerships between two people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, ratified by a binding contract through the signing of an official register. This means that both same sex couples and opposite sex couples have the option of entering into a civil partnership so long as they are eligible to do so. Under its provisions it is possible, by means of a Special Licence granted under Section 12 of the Act, for residents and non-residents alike to enter into a civil partnership in Gibraltar.

It also enables a civil partnership ceremony to be conducted at approved locations outside the Registry outside working hours and at weekends. Non residents wishing to enter into a civil partnership in Gibraltar must provide the Registrar with documentary evidence that they will either be staying in Gibraltar at least one night immediately prior to, or immediately following the ceremony.  

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