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Gibraltar has long been a destination of choice for those wishing to get closer to nature, even if they are only initially aware of its internationally famous Barbary macaque monkeys.

With all of the other advantages that a Gibraltar holiday has, from the chance to visit enchanting historical attractions like the Moorish Castle to simply catching some rays on the beach, it’s easy to forget that the territory is also a major shopping destination.

The Upper Rock may be the arguable focal point of any Gibraltar holiday, but here at Visit Gibraltar (, we couldn’t fail to shed some more light on one of its most dominant features – the Moorish Castle.

If you’ve been perusing the Visit Gibraltar website, finding out about the many things to do and see, then you probably won’t need much more convincing to choose the British Overseas Territory for your next holiday. Whether it’s shopping on Main Street that has attracted you or the chance to get up close and personal with the local Barbary macaque monkeys, you’ll never be bored here… but you’ll still need somewhere good to stay. Thankfully, we can advise you on the best Gibraltar accommodation.

As unique and fascinating as the entire territory may be, there’s no question that Gibraltar breaks are geographically dominated by just one thing… the Rock of Gibraltar itself. This monolithic limestone promontory is a staggering 426m (1,398ft) high, so wherever you are in the area, you can’t help but be awed.

Gibraltar may be known for many things, from its iconic Barbary macaque monkeys and cosmopolitan atmosphere to a fascinating military history and the Rock of Gibraltar itself, but have you ever stopped to think just how intriguing Gibraltarian cuisine must be?

When you book Gibraltar accommodation for a holiday in this part of the world, here at Visit Gibraltar, we would certainly encourage you to check out many of the cultural and historic attractions and activities, ranging from the Moorish Castle to the many regular artistic and literary events. We would also heartily endorse the local bars, restaurants, bistros and shopping opportunities but have you stopped to think of the kind of people that you are likely to meet?

If there’s any part of the world that wears its past with pride, it is Gibraltar. That’s right: not only does a Gibraltar holiday at this time of year bring you plenty of sun, sea and sand, but you’ll also have plenty of historical attractions to see when you come away from the beach and start exploring the rest of the territory. Here at Visit Gibraltar (, we can help you to get to grips with some of that history.

When you are planning your spring or summer holiday, you will surely want to spend it somewhere that offers plenty of sun, sea and sand... somewhere that is rich in history, offers no shortage of shopping and other tourist opportunities and is home to truly welcoming people. So how could you choose anything less than a holiday in Gibraltar? Here at Visit Gibraltar (, we can think of a few more reasons to board that plane.

The upgrades to the main tourist sites in the Upper Rock have begun

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