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After Party

Prepare to continue the party from the NoBiggie Festival 2023 with an unparalleled conclusion at ND AFTERS!

It's not just a celebration; it's a legacy.

As the sun dips below the horizon, we're cranking up the energy, welcoming a sought-after international DJ who's redefining the music scene.

KOKO [Locus / Lost Palms / Infuse]

We’re gonna dance from dusk till dawn (22:00-07:00). So come immerse yourself in our after party, pulsating with positivity, good vibes, and moments that become treasures for a lifetime.

Now, here's the thing– only 450 exclusive tickets grant access to this sought after affair. Once they’re gone that’s it. WE WOULDN”T SLEEP ON IT!

Full Line up

KOKO [Locus / Lost Palms / Infuse]

Cliché residents B2B

Gyan Chappory

Jesse Stone

Karim Schembri

Sean Borg

KOKO [Locus / Lost Palms / Infuse]


From 10th Sep 2023, 10:00pm
To 11th Sep 2023, 7:00am

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