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Friends of Gibraltar

Unfortunately, many of Gibraltar's unique fortifications and buildings have been disastrously maltreated and neglected over many years. Gibraltar may be tiny – only 2.5 square miles -  but it’s heritage is enshrined in a wealth of historic military and domestic architecture, the restoration and preservation of which is beyond the small Gibraltarian population to undertake alone. The Friends of Gibraltar has, therefore, been formed to help.

Aims of the Society

To protect, preserve and maintain for the benefit of the public, Gibraltar’s lands, buildings, monuments, ordnance and other artefacts, which are of natural interest and beauty, or of architectural and historic appeal.

  • To protect and preserve the character and heritage of Gibraltar and to promote the cause of its conservation.
  • To advance public interest and education in the history of Gibraltar, its people and buildings, and thus foster Gibraltar’s heritage.
  • To encourage the application of aesthetic standards to the contemporary environment of Gibraltar.

The Society is a non-political and non profit-making charity, founded in the United Kingdom and dedicated to the preservation of Gibraltar’s heritage,
If you would like more information on The Friends of Gibraltar or an application form to join, then please contact;

The Treasurer
The Friends of Gibraltar
c/o 150 Strand

Friends of Gibraltar Website