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1704: Eleventh siege. The British support Hapsburg claim to the throne. British fleet under Admiral Rooke land British and Dutch forces on the 23 July under Prince George of Hesse.

1704–1705: Twelfth siege – Forces supporting Philip V of Spain began an attack on the Rock in October. The siege continued until April 1705, but is unsuccessful.

1713: Spain cedes Gibraltar to Britain by Article X of the Treaty of Utrecht.

1727: Thirteenth siege – Spanish and French attempt made to recapture Gibraltar.

1779–1783: Fourteenth siege, also known as the Great Siege, lasted from June 1779 – February 1783. Spanish and French forces besieged the Rock.

1782: Great Siege Tunnels excavated.


1802: Duke of Kent, Prince Edward, father of Queen Victoria, lasted one year as Governor.

1805: 21 October - Admiral Lord Nelson died at Trafalgar and his body is brought to Gibraltar on board the HMS Victory.

1810–1814: Gibraltar proves of incalculable help during the Napoleonic Wars.

1830: Gibraltar becomes crown colony. Granted Civil Liberties and Charter of Justice. 25th June – The Gibraltar Police became operational, making it one of the oldest police forces in the world

1841: Trinity Lighthouse first lit at Europa Point.

1848: Gibraltar skull recovered from Forbes Quarry by Flint.

1872: Mary Celeste, greatest sea mystery ever, brought before the courts of Gibraltar.

1891: Utopia disaster. Immigrant ship on its way to Australia blown broadside onto the HMS Anson and sank with the loss of 551 lives.

1903–1911: HM Dockyard was built three large graving docks to be known as docks Number 1, 2 and 3 were built.