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1914 – 1918: World War I - Gibraltar used for convoy collection and anti-submarine operations.

1918: HMS Britannia torpedoed in the Strait by the German submarine U50, hundreds perished.

1939–1945: World War II. Gibraltar again used for convoy collection and as base for anti-submarine operations. It is main base for the launching of the British and American campaign in North Africa.

1940: All Gibraltar population, excepting a few essential staff evacuated to the UK, Madeira, Northern Ireland, French Morocco and Jamaica. Major tunnelling works by the British and Canadian engineers.

1941: German submarine U81 torpedoed the Ark Royal 25 miles east of Gibraltar.

1941–1944: Runway at North Front built using the rock excavated from the tunnelling work.

1942: Operation Torch - General D Eisenhower conducts the landing of North Africa from a tunnel in Gibraltar.

1943: General Waladyslaw Sikorski dies in air crash at Gibraltar.

1950: First Legislative Council established.

1951: The ammunition ship, Bedenham, blew up while unloading depth charges onto lighters at Gun Wharf.

1954: 10 May – Queen Elizabeth II visits Gibraltar.

1962: October – Gibraltar Television started and is taken over as Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation in October 1963.

1966 – 1968: Spain claims Gibraltar at United Nations. 1967: First referendum - Gibraltarians vote 99.9% to remain British. National Day is held in Gibraltar on 10 September in recent years to celebrate this referendum.

1968: Vehicular traffic to Spain stopped from crossing the frontier. Telephone communications cut.

1969: Constitution granting fully responsible internal self-government. 8 June - Spain closes the frontier.

1969: 20 March - John Lennon and Yoko Ono married on the Rock.

1981: 1 August - Prince Charles and Princess Diana start honeymoon from Gibraltar. Fly into Gibraltar airport and start their cruise on board the Royal Yacht Britannia.

1982: 15 December – frontier opens to pedestrians only.

1984: Brussels Agreement in December regarding opening of the frontier. Naval dockyard closes 1985: 5 February – full opening of the frontier.

2002: 7 November – 2nd Gibraltar Referendum, 98.9% vote to remain British.

2007: 2 January – Second Gibraltar Constitution.

2009: 12 December - Kaiane Aldorino first Gibraltarian to win Miss World.

2012: 11-13 June - Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex visited Gibraltar for a two day visit in June 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

2013: 24 May – GFA (Gibraltar Football Association) accepted as full UEFA member.

2016: 13 May - GFA (Gibraltar Football Association) accepted as full FIFA member. 2016: 15 July – Gorham’s Cave complex announced as a World Heritage Site.