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The Minister for Tourism, Hon Vijay Daryanani, has attended the European Cruise Summit in Genoa, Italy.

The summit focused on the outlook for cruise across the Mediterranean and Europe in general. It, once again, gave the Minister the exceptional opportunity to interact with the full spectrum of cruise industry leadership and public officials to discuss ideas and issues impacting the industry and how to work together to shape the future of cruising in Europe.

Minster Daryanani was invited to attend an exclusive dinner with cruise line senior leaders on the eve of the Summit. The Minister met with the Minister for Tourism of Greece, Hon Vassilis Kikilias. Both ministers discussed how Greece and Gibraltar had coped with Covid and what the targets were going forward. The Minister also met with Marie-Caroline Laurent, Director General of Cruise Lines International Association. A wide range of cruising topics were discussed.

Minister for Tourism, the Hon Vijay Daryanani, explained: “This has been a high powered cruise industry summit. It has given me another opportunity to keep on reminding the key decision makers about Gibraltar. I have met and built relationships with many important people over the last few months and this can only be good for Gibraltar. It takes time to get your vision across in this extremely competitive industry. These events allow you to exchange views like I did with the Minister for Tourism of Greece on this occasion. With the summer break upon us, we take a respite from the conference season but I have already been invited to some crucial events in the second half of the year. For as long as I am your Minister for Tourism I will continue working tirelessly at promoting this wonderful nation of ours.”