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Nature Trails

The Gibraltar Nature Reserve, particularly its Upper Rock area, is renowned for its unique trails that meander through the extent of the Reserve. These combine the Nature Reserve’s natural beauty and stunning views with some sites of historic interest that do not feature widely as part of the more mainstream ‘Rock tours’. Notable trails include Mediterranean Steps, Inglis Way, Royal Anglian Way and Douglas Path. One of the key objectives of this plan is to diversify the products available within the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

In order to help meet this requirement, a thematic trail network approach has been adopted. Different trails therefore cater for different visitor expectations and abilities.  In addition, the trails are intersected by ‘trail nodes’ which correspond to some of the main attractions within the Reserve such as Jews’ Gate, the Moorish Castle and St. Michael’s Cave.  Four trail networks have been developed namely the ‘Nature Lover’, the ‘History Buff’, the ‘Thrill Seeker’ and the ‘Monkey Trail’. Each trail has its own logo to help guide the user. As part of the revamped trail network a new Gibraltar Nature Reserve Application (GNR App) has been developed which is available on iTunes and Android platforms.


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